Hi! I'm Sarah, owner and creator of Jett & Jill.

Jett & Jill was started in the spring of 2017 after I had my third baby, Jonah Jett. Jonah loved to be swaddled but he didn't like any of the blankets I had for him.  The knit blankets we had were too small to swaddle with after only a few months. The fabric wasn't very soft and didn't feel good against Jonah's tender newborn skin. I had oodles of muslin blankets but they weren't stretchy and Jonah would easily break out of his swaddle...and wake up. Not good.

After a trip to a local fabric store, I made Jonah a generously sized 48 x 48" soft, stretchy knit blanket and it was love at first swaddle. He loved feeling snug and secure while wrapped in his blanket but also have the stretch to move a bit.

Our mission at Jett & Jill is to help your baby feel comfortable and secure like they did in the womb. From newborn to toddler, our amazing products will be there every step of the way. Unique prints, soft headbands that don't leave a mark, adorable bibs to combat teething drool and cute teethers to soothe achy gums.

I'm confidant your baby will love our fabulous products! Thanks for being here. Happy shopping!