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Helping baby feel comfortable, cozy and secure. Like they did in the womb.


I think my husband likes the swaddle blanket more than me. Anyone and everyone we come in contact with he makes it a point to say "Feel how soft it is!!! I want a big blanket like this for me!"

Alex M.

We love using your blankets to swaddle my large (23lb) just turned 5 month old. Thank you for making a blanket that is big, soft and stretchy to make him feel secure while sleeping!

Laura C.

My baby loves sleeping in her gown, and I love that she wasn't able to get her feet stuck in between the crib slats like she does with normal jammies! The material is gorgeous and so soft.

Elizabeth S.

We have three of your blankets and always make sure one is clean. Thank you for making such a great product!

Megan A.

I absolutely LOVE my J&J car seat cover! All of the other covers I used never stayed on and didn't have any stretch to them. My J&J cover stays on my car seat and has the perfect amount of stretch for nursing.

Kelsie R.

We loooooooove your swaddles!

Brittany W.

Hey drool. We're ready for you.

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